The Greenbelt Company

Beron's Log: Day 1
We all meet for the first time

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrived at Oleg’s! trading post
  • Planned an ambush! totally funny
  • Executed the ambush! and some bandits
  • Got paid!
  • Dancer was a douche and killed an unarmed man.
Beron's Log: Day 2

Day 2: Exploration of the forest

  • Party left OIeg’s traveling along the trail left by bandits
  • Followed trail heard laughter
  • Successfully snuck up on Grigs! half-naked cricket-people
  • Befriended Grigs!
  • Followed Grigs to radish grove where kobolds were found
  • Slayed Kobolds!
  • Entrails were read stars say to avoid sleeping in radish groves
  • Radishes picked
  • Camp made yes, inside the grove
Beron's Log: Day 3

Day 3: Further Exploration of the woods

  • A trapper was found dead more bandits
  • Trapper avenged no more bandits
  • Found more Grigs
  • Diplomacy through thrown rocks and radishes
  • Got directions
  • Slept
Beron's Log: Day 4

Day 4: Exploration of the Ruins

  • Found ruined Temple and cursed bear
  • Orc didn’t like being hugged
  • Freed cursed bear from mortal coil
  • Curse lifted bathed in healing pool
  • Found more trees
  • Slept kept an eye out for leopards
Beron's Log: Day 5

Day 5: Exploration of the Hot Springs

  • Took scenic route to evil trapper territory
  • Ventured over to hot springs smells of skunk
  • Encountered halfling-eating frogs eeeeek
  • Got frog tongue saliva all over me my new vest, too
  • Frog ate me dammit
  • Party swam to the rescue; almost drowned, really bad swimmers
  • Ate the frogs ironically… now am a frog eatting halfing
  • Found Breeg Orlivanch under some logs dead, had nice boots though
  • Met a woodsman
  • Met with faerie dragon we’re besties
  • Wandered aimlessly towards Oleg’s
  • Slept
Beron's Log: Day 6

Day 6: Back to Oleg’s

  • Sold radishes!
  • Met new guards!
  • Met a no-name noble Kesten Garess!
  • Meet Jhod Kavken traveling cleric and hunter in our debt because of temple cleansing
  • Tinassa adds Jhod to frenemies list
  • Got paid for killing bandits just the first six, cheap ass guards
  • Sold loot
  • Bought gear and supplies
  • Slept in a real bed for first time in a week
Beron's Log: Day 7

Day 7: To the Plains!

  • Went to visit the alchemist Brennan.
  • Bought a few potions, and promised to keep an eye out for some weird plant
  • Found some wargs stalking in his land
  • Me and the witch distracted the mother warg with magic while Dancer shot them full of arrows and Zivim got in a boxing match with one of them
    *Made camp to the Southwest
Beron's Log: Day 8

Day 8: Eight (and more)-Legged Freaks

  • Explored the plains further
  • Found a small dell filled with bones
  • When we got closer to investigate, giant spiders attacked from all sides, springing from trap doors in the ground
  • I was pulled towards one of them, but Dancer managed to shoot it in time.
  • Zivim and Tinassa managed to fend off the others, giving Dancer free rein to shoot
  • We found a treasure map on the corpse of a bandit underground
  • On the way to camp (in the West), we ran into a truly monstrous Centipede
  • Dancer, already unnerved by the giant spiders, wasn’t much use, and Zivim was horribly mauled by the creature’s poisonous fangs
  • Tinassa and I both rallied with healing magic, refusing to let our giant meat-shield companion succumb to his grisly wounds. Zivim rose and managed to spear the beast with a mighty, desperate strike to the throat
  • We plan on returning to Oleg’s and resting for a while
  • Zivim suggested working on our tactics together. He probably has a point.
Beron's Barely-Legible Scribblings: Day 13
What will I get eaten by this time?

We healed up from our exertions from the spiders for most of the days prior, so today was our first back on the trails. We went back to the site of the slaughter and slowly explored the rest of the area, finding nothing of any note. Ah well, they can’t all have ancient trinkets, can they?

After bickering over the map for nearly half the day, we ventured west-southwest (ahem), transitioning onto more hilly terrain. We stumbled across some caves, whereupon Dancer noticed a gold vein! Immediately my more avaricious side began to whisper sweet things. I named it Snotting Hill, because duh. Ow! Its official name, I have just been told, however, will be Higgen Crag Mine.

We made camp for the night, nestled in between rivulets of solid gold. I don’t think I’ve ever slept better.

The following morning, we knew it was time to confront the bandits head-on. We scouted the eastern half of the river, based on some old info we had come across in town. Stumbling across tracks led us to our first clue! Dancer saw horse tracks, suggesting an often-used trail north to Oleg’s!

Along this trail, we scouted and encountered a group of bandits. We dispatched all 7 of them easily, while incapacitating the one who seemed to be leading the group. We swiftly tried to patch up those we could, but we only kept one bandit alive. Zivim cackled almost as well as Tinassa. Chilled me right to the bones.

The camp leader nearby is called Kressel…the name rings a bell. A hard bandit lord, she moves frequently, robs travelers and sometimes more permanent establishments. Like to keep things up close and personal. Our captives estimated 8 people left in the camp.

Apparently there’s a for downstream, near the lake. In the fort resides the Stag Lord. High walls. Half a dozen people.

TWe found two vials of alchemist’s fire on the remaining bandits…remains. We took stock and discussed the plans for taking the camp tomorrow.

Short story we razed the bandit camp. Found a bunch of loot totaling 351 g, 3s, 8c each. Will fill out later.

Beron's Barely-Legible Scribblings: Day 18
So some stuff happened...

…and then we looted the camp.

Oh, I suppose you want to know what happened. It was all very heroic and cunning. There was an ambush, some traps, etc. Long story short we dealt a serious blow to the bandits in this region, even killing Kressel!

Which left the question of what to do with the other bandits. Naturally we decided to venture right in.

We wandered down the river, following downstream until the keep was just barely in view. From there we crafted a cunning plan to masquerade as a supply troupe bringing booze and entertainment (me!)

Which promptly went to shit as zombies rose from the packed earth trail leading to the stone fort.


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