The Greenbelt Company

Brennin Hulks Out

With the major known threats to the kingdom quelled, QUAIL focuses on the inner workings of their adopted homeland. Influence, infrastructure, and cities rise from the wilderness. QUAIL will spend 12 months strengthening their foothold within the Greenbelt, and it will pass by in what will seem to be a intro credit high-speed time-lapse montage complete with retro-indie-house-remix-soundtrack.

On occasion their may be filler sequences should the executive producer DM, feel more interaction and fan service is needed before Season Part 3: The Varnhold Vanishing

Hit and Run
How many licks does it take to get to the center of Leveton?

While QUAIL returns to Leveton to celebrate a hard fought campaign, excising the troll cancer from the kingdom, a titanic owlbear attacked the town. Several buildings have been demolished beyond repair, despite all the kingdom’s emergency planning and infrastructure.

QUAIL arrived on the seen to late to prevent the destruction, but not too late to hunt the beast down, and bring it to justice.

What or who, could inspire a normal owlbear to rage upon a well defended, prepared, and protected city without so much as a struggle? We will find out soon, tune in.

Trolling for Trollops

QUAIL has found the Troll King’s Lair. Time for the leadership to bring the eternal pain down upon the trolls and their lingering plight that they brought. Will QUAIL Succeed and Free the kingdom from the menace, or will they fail, never to be heard from again as they mature into manure? Tune in Kiddos

Mid Season Rebranding

QUAIL has reached the obligatory obscure mid season break that every fall show hits around the holidays despite not actually being at the half way point of the season arch. During this period a princess was returned, lizards were stomped, Tatzlford was annexed, and lots of new background infrastructure popped up in Leveton .

Scorched Peach
Hurray the Princess didn't die

Now that QUAIL has saved the princess and managed to not lose any of the cast members, WIN-WIN; they make the arduous journey back to Leveton. But will they make it without being waylaid by some magical lizard? Tune in and find out.

Your Princess is in a Creepy Abandoned Castle: Part 2
Rated Hex

Why Read When ATT Can For You?!

After clearing the courtyard, saving a new friend (and potential member of QUAIL), and plundering the towers; comes the lesbian montage trope that every good fantasy show needs. With way less nudity then Xena, and better acting than Lexx, comes Lesbian Fascination will save DC 15 or get a woody till they stop rubbing each other (while an invisible lightning fast ninja fey lurks about).

If QUAIL can’t overcome their natural urges this adventure may become a Bukakke Snuff film. Stay tuned to see if we are recasting next week.

Your Princess is in a Creepy Abandoned Castle: Part 1
Why'd it have to be rats?!

QUAIL is off to obtain the first member of Beron‘s Harem, the Dark Fey Captive. A quick trip around the kingdom perimeter has led QUAIL to a Creepy Abandoned Castle which may house the Swordlord’s Bounty… but what lays in wait for our heroes now?

Click Here to Find Out

The Booty Bounty
Brennin gets Donkey-Punched

With the Dancer dead, buried, and mourned. QUAIL and the kingdom of their responsibility must take center stage again. Archbanker A. Grinch arrives to work his Half-Orc Clerical Jew-Jew on the Barony. Swordlord’s show up to measure cocks against QUAIL to reinforce the issue of the wayward ‘princess’. Tinassa ‘retires’ to the countryside for dereliction of doodie. The royal messenger needs to pay his tab. Oh, and QUAIL gets an old friend back!

Wadget gonna do about that? Sit back relax and enjoy as we see some Ninja Pussy, skills, in action soon on the next episode.
The Bournelock Supremacy
Dancer's Lament

QUAIL once again hunts for the Troll King and his felonious malcontent compatriots. In the dead of night the journey takes a turn for the worse; when a dark servant of the Troll army swoops in to devour our heroes.

While on watch Dancer suspects an attack but is assaulted before he could completely rouse the camp. QUAIL surrounded the dark beast in an attempt to free Dancer from it’s hellish bite. After the Wyvren was finally brought down by the combined might that QUAIL has to offer; Dancer was in serious need of divine attention. Working tirelessly QUAIL was unable to revive Dancer from the vicious sting of the Troll King’s Foul Pet.

Lament! Barony of Brenin, Marshall Edward Bournelock has died for your freedom. Lament!

Short Live(d) the Lizard King

QUAIL has managed to overthrow the reign of fear based around Will’o Wisp worship and save a small Leveton child long ago lost in the woods. Now Tannerson is safely on his way to town, guarded by the faithful Kobold translator, Eadoo. Since QUAIL has freed the delta from imminent cannibalization, they are back on their trek to find the Trolls that have been plaguing the kingdom.


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