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‘Bat Cunt-ry’ part 1

QUAIL explorers a dark smelly hole, only to find swarms of bats

Every Cloud has Silver Bars

QUAIL combats with Zivim being LycanV Positive. Dancer happily awaits to play the role of Travis in Old Yeller and he can put Zivim down.

When C(h)attle Mutilation

QUAIL investigates the mutilated corpses of a farmer and the prettiest waitress this side of the Skunk River. Upon investigating they find a Were-Bumpkin, who met the clarion call of the great beyond, but not before taking a chunk out of Zivim’s favorite shirt


This Episode ‘Bandits Attack’ the Kingdom of Brenin; only to fail against QUAIL’s mighty infrastructure. Later QUAIL was assaulted by a peppering of snow flurries, cold fronts, and an ‘Uncommonly Large (ie HUGE) Owlbear’.

Annexation Planned

Starting to look like this might work. What will happen to the Quartet of Unseasoned Adventurous Inspirational ‘Leadership’ [QUAIL] next week? Stay tooned kiddos more surprises and suspension await QUAIL in all their intrepid endeavors

Barony of Brenin Celebrates Its One Month Anniversery
  • The party tracks down and slays the dire boar Tuskgutter. It was butchered and its head was taken as a trophy. Gloves of Launching were found in the beast’s den.
  • Worg tracks were discovered on the trek back to Oleg’s. The party camped at the Gold Mine overnight and wolf howls are heard in the indeterminate distance. The night passes uneventfully, but the party finds itself 100 lbs lighter on boar meat than they were the previous morning.
  • The party returns to Oleg’s. The Wanted – Tuskgutter quest is completed. The Dancer trains his horse.
  • There’s a nasty windstorm. The party helps Oleg batten down the hatches.
  • An outrider for the settler caravan arrives. The Dancer and Tinassa accompany when he returns to the caravan. The Dancer helps tighten up the watch and patrols. Tinassa begins putting out feelers for someone to fill the position of Magister. Meanwhile, Zivim and Beron prepare a party for the caravan.
  • Tinassa and Beron continue searching for candidates to fill empty cabinet posts. They meet…
    • Azmus – an old scholar interested in getting a firsthand, close-up view of the beginning of a new kingdom. Level 2 Expert, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13.
    • Isabelle d’Oliva – Nicely dressed redhead with vague plans. Cha 16.
    • Meryl Goedwig – Flightly elven alchemist. Int 19.
  • Leadership positions for the Barony of Brenin are established.
Position Name Bonus Kingdom Attribute
Ruler Beron Dook +3 Stability (floating)
Councilor Svetlana +2 Loyalty
General General Zivim “Shackle-Render” Melago +4 Stability
Grand Diplomat Isabelle d’Oliva +3 Stability
High Priest Doran Thunderbeard +2 Stability
Magister Meryl Goedwig +4 Economy
Marshal Edward “Dancer” Bournelock +5 Economy
Royal Assassin Vacant
Spymaster Tinassa Medvyed +6 Economy (floating)
Treasurer Oleg +2 Economy
Warden Akiros Jsmort +3 Loyalty
  • Oleg’s Trading Post and immediate surrounding environs are claimed for the Barony of Brenin. The kingdom is Neutral Good (+2 Loyalty, +2 Stability)
  • City of Leviton is founded around Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • Oleg’s Trading Post is incorporated into the city as Stable and House (Base value +500, +1 Economy, +1 Stability)
  • Bulberry Smith established in Leviton (+1 Economy, +1 Stability)
  • No edicts are issued for the month (net -1 Stability)
  • The Barony generates 4 BP worth of income for the month (total now stands at 47 BP).

Territory Vital Statistics

Size: 1
Consumption: 2
Command DC: 11
Unrest: 0
BP: 47
Economy: 17
Loyalty: 7
Stability: 15
Population: 500
Cities: 1
Leviton Base Value: 700

Beron's Personal Log: Entry 22

I don’t make it through the night much recently.

It’s not dreams, really. Just sudden startled awakening. I see that edge coming down, cruel finality etched on its notched blade. No time for any thoughts. But suddenly my mouth is moving. Words are coming out. The arm stops its swing, the blade lowers; non-lethally, thank the gods.

Sometimes I get that far, but mostly it’s just the edge swooshing down and then the jerking awake. It’s been like this most nights since we assaulted the Staglord’s fortress. Looking back, it’s a miracle that we all came through it as well as we did, seeing as it was just the four of us and one slightly-loyalty-impaired former paladin. Assaulting a fortress on our own, even if we did have some half-cocked disguise plan, is not the way a bard ensures a long, patron-filled career.

Of course, occasional scuffles are nothing new for a bard. When you wander the roads and alleys and taverns you chance that someone will want your purse, or your pack, or your poetry with naught for recompense. This was different. This was something…grander in scope, something more fraught with danger than my typical alleyway escape. It hadn’t really hit me until Akiros’ blade came down. All of this journey had been…..well, really nothing more than a glorified hike in the woods. A couple scrapes, a couple hidden secrets unearthed, but at the end of the journey I’d be back hale and hearty, and with a good portion more gold in my pocket. But this thing that we’re doing, this thing that Tina, Ziv, Dancer, and Beron are creating isn’t some trifle. It’s got…promise. This is the sort of thing that the tales are born from, the stories contain at their hearts. This is the thing that legends leap from, larger than life and making their mark long after we’re gone.

Speaking of legends – something about that fight bothers me still. I don’t know what I said to Akiros. I know I spoke to him, I know my words convinced him to turn aside his blade from me and against his former crew, but thought I’ve wracked my brain I can’t pin down the words. This bothers me. Words, whether in rhythm, to music, or free verse, are my tools. I know them intimately, I know the cadences they make as I choose them to cajole, to coerce, to control. I know the patterns they prefer as I preach, as I prevaricate, as I persuade. It bothers me when I don’t have control of them. I’d be just as worried if Dancer suddenly couldn’t track for us, or Tina forgot how to cackle. Which yeah that’ll never happen, but that’s my point. Why was I suddenly so much more impactful when my wits left me? Why was I more coercive when my control left me? Can I do this again? What happens if I’m in a situation where I need this ability again but I can’t summon it?

What if I’m a drain on the these people fast becoming my friends? I don’t want to be the reason our journey ends in failure.

Gods. An entertainer riddled with self doubt. I need solutions. A plan.

Ok, the Words of Power business I need to put aside for a bit until I can talk with others of my ilk. As for the journey,
Get back to base
Sell Supplies
PREPARE – cover every eventuality
outdoor gear
wine (naturally)

Further out, time-wise
Plan government
What can I read about realm organization and administration?
Compare/contrast systems?
What works for a small kingdoms vs larger?
meaning a growth plan

Now if only planning could take care this damn blade in my mind. Well, wine’ll have to do.

Beron's Barely-Legible Scribblings: Day 18
So some stuff happened...

…and then we looted the camp.

Oh, I suppose you want to know what happened. It was all very heroic and cunning. There was an ambush, some traps, etc. Long story short we dealt a serious blow to the bandits in this region, even killing Kressel!

Which left the question of what to do with the other bandits. Naturally we decided to venture right in.

We wandered down the river, following downstream until the keep was just barely in view. From there we crafted a cunning plan to masquerade as a supply troupe bringing booze and entertainment (me!)

Which promptly went to shit as zombies rose from the packed earth trail leading to the stone fort.

Beron's Barely-Legible Scribblings: Day 13
What will I get eaten by this time?

We healed up from our exertions from the spiders for most of the days prior, so today was our first back on the trails. We went back to the site of the slaughter and slowly explored the rest of the area, finding nothing of any note. Ah well, they can’t all have ancient trinkets, can they?

After bickering over the map for nearly half the day, we ventured west-southwest (ahem), transitioning onto more hilly terrain. We stumbled across some caves, whereupon Dancer noticed a gold vein! Immediately my more avaricious side began to whisper sweet things. I named it Snotting Hill, because duh. Ow! Its official name, I have just been told, however, will be Higgen Crag Mine.

We made camp for the night, nestled in between rivulets of solid gold. I don’t think I’ve ever slept better.

The following morning, we knew it was time to confront the bandits head-on. We scouted the eastern half of the river, based on some old info we had come across in town. Stumbling across tracks led us to our first clue! Dancer saw horse tracks, suggesting an often-used trail north to Oleg’s!

Along this trail, we scouted and encountered a group of bandits. We dispatched all 7 of them easily, while incapacitating the one who seemed to be leading the group. We swiftly tried to patch up those we could, but we only kept one bandit alive. Zivim cackled almost as well as Tinassa. Chilled me right to the bones.

The camp leader nearby is called Kressel…the name rings a bell. A hard bandit lord, she moves frequently, robs travelers and sometimes more permanent establishments. Like to keep things up close and personal. Our captives estimated 8 people left in the camp.

Apparently there’s a for downstream, near the lake. In the fort resides the Stag Lord. High walls. Half a dozen people.

TWe found two vials of alchemist’s fire on the remaining bandits…remains. We took stock and discussed the plans for taking the camp tomorrow.

Short story we razed the bandit camp. Found a bunch of loot totaling 351 g, 3s, 8c each. Will fill out later.

Beron's Log: Day 8

Day 8: Eight (and more)-Legged Freaks

  • Explored the plains further
  • Found a small dell filled with bones
  • When we got closer to investigate, giant spiders attacked from all sides, springing from trap doors in the ground
  • I was pulled towards one of them, but Dancer managed to shoot it in time.
  • Zivim and Tinassa managed to fend off the others, giving Dancer free rein to shoot
  • We found a treasure map on the corpse of a bandit underground
  • On the way to camp (in the West), we ran into a truly monstrous Centipede
  • Dancer, already unnerved by the giant spiders, wasn’t much use, and Zivim was horribly mauled by the creature’s poisonous fangs
  • Tinassa and I both rallied with healing magic, refusing to let our giant meat-shield companion succumb to his grisly wounds. Zivim rose and managed to spear the beast with a mighty, desperate strike to the throat
  • We plan on returning to Oleg’s and resting for a while
  • Zivim suggested working on our tactics together. He probably has a point.

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