The Greenbelt Company

Beron's Log: Day 7

Day 7: To the Plains!

  • Went to visit the alchemist Brennan.
  • Bought a few potions, and promised to keep an eye out for some weird plant
  • Found some wargs stalking in his land
  • Me and the witch distracted the mother warg with magic while Dancer shot them full of arrows and Zivim got in a boxing match with one of them
    *Made camp to the Southwest
Beron's Log: Day 6

Day 6: Back to Oleg’s

  • Sold radishes!
  • Met new guards!
  • Met a no-name noble Kesten Garess!
  • Meet Jhod Kavken traveling cleric and hunter in our debt because of temple cleansing
  • Tinassa adds Jhod to frenemies list
  • Got paid for killing bandits just the first six, cheap ass guards
  • Sold loot
  • Bought gear and supplies
  • Slept in a real bed for first time in a week
Beron's Log: Day 5

Day 5: Exploration of the Hot Springs

  • Took scenic route to evil trapper territory
  • Ventured over to hot springs smells of skunk
  • Encountered halfling-eating frogs eeeeek
  • Got frog tongue saliva all over me my new vest, too
  • Frog ate me dammit
  • Party swam to the rescue; almost drowned, really bad swimmers
  • Ate the frogs ironically… now am a frog eatting halfing
  • Found Breeg Orlivanch under some logs dead, had nice boots though
  • Met a woodsman
  • Met with faerie dragon we’re besties
  • Wandered aimlessly towards Oleg’s
  • Slept
Beron's Log: Day 4

Day 4: Exploration of the Ruins

  • Found ruined Temple and cursed bear
  • Orc didn’t like being hugged
  • Freed cursed bear from mortal coil
  • Curse lifted bathed in healing pool
  • Found more trees
  • Slept kept an eye out for leopards
Beron's Log: Day 3

Day 3: Further Exploration of the woods

  • A trapper was found dead more bandits
  • Trapper avenged no more bandits
  • Found more Grigs
  • Diplomacy through thrown rocks and radishes
  • Got directions
  • Slept
Beron's Log: Day 2

Day 2: Exploration of the forest

  • Party left OIeg’s traveling along the trail left by bandits
  • Followed trail heard laughter
  • Successfully snuck up on Grigs! half-naked cricket-people
  • Befriended Grigs!
  • Followed Grigs to radish grove where kobolds were found
  • Slayed Kobolds!
  • Entrails were read stars say to avoid sleeping in radish groves
  • Radishes picked
  • Camp made yes, inside the grove
Beron's Log: Day 1
We all meet for the first time

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrived at Oleg’s! trading post
  • Planned an ambush! totally funny
  • Executed the ambush! and some bandits
  • Got paid!
  • Dancer was a douche and killed an unarmed man.

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