Tinassa's Legacy Weapon

Tentative/proposed stats for Tinassa's legacy weapon



Member or descendant of House Medvyed
Spellcraft 4 ranks
Able to speak Sylvan

Non-legacy game statistics: Custom Hand of the mage; Cost 3,350 gp. While wearing the amulet, you can use mage hand at will. In addition, you enjoy the continual benefit of an unseen servant, as the spell. If dissipated by 6 or more points of damage from an area attack, or if it ceases to exist by moving more than 35 feet away from you, the servant re-forms 1 round later in any square adjacent to you.

Wielder Level Save Penalty Skill Check Penalty Caster Level Penalty Spell Slot Loss Abilities
5th Mirror image 1/day
6th -1 1st Woodland stealth
7td -1
8th -1 2nd See invisibility 1/day
9th Faerie fire at will
10th 3rd Green empathy
11th Contingency 1/day
12th 4th
13th -2
14th 5th Read the signs
15th Prescient awareness
16th 6th Dimensional anchor 1/day
17th Quicken spell 3/day
18th 7th
20th 8th Endurance overcomes all 1/day

Mirror Image (Sp): At 5th level, once per day on command, you can use mirror image as the spell. Caster level 5th.
Woodland Stealth (Su): At 6th level, you gain a +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks made in any area of undergrowth. If adjacent to a tree or in the same square as a tree you can use the Stealth skill even if you don’t have cover or concealment.
See Invisibility (Sp): At 8th level, once per day on command, you can use see invisibility as the spell. Caster level 5th.
Faerie Fire (Sp): At 9th level, at will on command, you can evoke a burst of magical light, which works as the faerie fire spell. The light created is purple. Caster level 5th.
Green Empathy (Su): Beginning at 10th level, you can attempt to improve the attitude of a plant by rolling 1d20 and adding your character level plus your Charisma modifier. This feature is otherwise similar to the wild empathy class feature.
Contingency (Su): At 11th level, once per day you can place a spell on yourself that triggers automatically on a trigger condition, as though using the contingency spell. Caster level 13th.
Read the Signs (Su): By performing a brief fortunetelling ritual, you may experience a vague premonition that will alert you to danger throughout the day. At 14th level, you gain a +5 bonus on initiative checks.
Prescient Awareness (Su): Your premonitions are further enhanced so that by 15th level, you are never flat-footed.
Dimensional Anchor (Sp): At 16th level, once per day, when you issue the command word and gesture, you can use dimensional anchor as the spell. Caster level 10th.
Quicken Spell (Su): At 17th level, you can cast up to three spells per day up to 6th level that are quickened as though using the Quicken Spell metamagic feat. Using this legacy ability does not change the spell slot of the altered spell. A spontaneous caster (such as a sorcerer) does not take a full-round action when using this ability.
Endurance Overcomes All (Su): Beginning at 20th level, once per day as a free action, you can enter a trance-like that endows you with mystical endurance which lasts 10 rounds. In this state, you are immune to poison, death effects and fear effects. Any damage that would reduce you to -1 or fewer hit points is ignored. You cannot benefit from any effect or ability, magical or otherwise, allowing you to regain or heal hit points—such effects simply fail for the duration of the trance.


An old heirloom of House Medvyed.

Tinassa's Legacy Weapon

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