Ironbreaker's Second Skin

Mithral Fullplate

Wearer Level Penalty to All Saves Skill Check Penalty Hit Point Loss Abilities
4th - Dwarven Durability +2
6th -2
7th -1 Huram Kaugri Hurmfar (1/day)
8th +2 Magic Bonus
10th -1 Race of Stone
11th Dwarven Durability +4
12th -2 +3 Magic Bonus
13th Huram Kaugri Hurmfar (at will)
14th -1
15th -1
16th +4 Magic Bonus
17th Rockmelder
18th -2 Dwarven Durability +6
19th -1
20th +5 Magic Bonus

Dwarven Durability: Ironbreaker’s Second Skin grants a +2 enhancement bonus to the wearer’s Constitution score if they are a dwarf. At 11th level, the bonus rises to +4; it rises to +6 at 18th level.

Huram Kaugri Hurmfar (Sp): Starting at 7th level, a dwarf wearer can issue a command word to use enlarge person once per day (self only) as the spell, caster level 4th. At 13th level, a dwarf wearer can use this ability at will, caster level 9th.

Race of Stone (Su): At 10th level, a dwarf wearer gains DR lvl/2

Rockmelder (Sp): Beginning at 17th level, two times per day by wearing Ironbreaker’s Second Skin and speaking a command word, a dwarf wearer can use wall of stone as the spell. Caster level 14th.

Enhancement bonus: +2 at 8, +3 at 12, +4 at 16, +5 at 20

mundane effect: Can be worn for twice as long as regular armor before feeling fatigue.



Ironbreakers’ Second Skin was the armor of Gotrek Gurnisson, leader of the Ironbreakers, a heavily armored dwarf unit tasked with the most difficult opponents in battle, such as hill giants and trolls. Gotrek is said to have only removed the armor once a year, for the religious ceremonies on Theoday. Gotrek was lost and presumed dead under an avalanche in the Battle of Splitmist Pass in 3279, the battle that ended both an 82 year continuous war with the orcs and a 700 year orc occupation of the Five Kings Mountains. Gotrek was a close advisor to Khodek the Mighty for the duration of the war.

Least Ritual – The wearer must slay a traditional enemy of the dwarves (orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, drow). The enemy (or group) must have a CR equal to or greater than the highest level character in the party. The wearer must host a large feast celebrating the deaths of the enemies of his race, costing no less than 2500 gp.

Ironbreaker's Second Skin

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