General Zivim "Shackle-Render" Melago

Escaped Slave, Champion of the People, and Socially Violent Protector


Zivim was the offspring of a convicted Orc mercenary, rapist, and a merchant’s daughter; raised in a pit mine deep in Molthune that was ripped open by a fallen star during the war for Nirmathas independence. Zivim slaved away carrying adamantine, and digging out gold from the age of three. The overseers of the mine hunted poor Zivim down every day, but the boy refused to cower to anyone. It never mattered how much the other slaves ganged up on him, Zivim heeded his mother’s words and never fought back. Zivim did not throw a single punch, but his unwillingness to be intimidated earned him a regular beating.

One day after a particularly severe beating, Zivim was relegated to working the smaller tunnels with the goblins, similarly abused, goblins came to befriend Zivim; taught him their language/ways/culture, accepting him as one of their own.. A year in the goblin tunnels Zivim tired of crawling on his knees to merely drag and carry ore, to give him a sense of greater purpose a goblin tinkerer constructed a pair of digger’s gauntlets; these allowed Zivim the ability to dig alongside his new found brethren. Zivim’s bulk, which would not allow him to swing a pick, was no longer a hindrance in the tunnels. These gauntlets came to be known as Shackle-Render’s Gauntlets.

After two long years in the goblin tunnels of the mine, he tired of the whip and chains. He wrenched himself free of his adamantine bounds. Armed with only his gauntlets, manacles, and a yearning for freedom; Zivim began his grandiose escape from the goblin tunnels, and through the mine proper. As he ran through the camp above the mine, outnumbered as usual, Zivim fought back this time. He kept throwing punches until each attacker had been defeated in turn, sending slaver after slaver sprawling in the gravel yard. Zivim had taken his thumps over the years, but he had learned from each one. It was not long before Zivim’s exodus inspired the other slaves to revolt, and attract the attention of the entire cadre of camp guards. Zivim fought the guards leading them on a merry chase north through the forests of Molthune, to cover the escape of his goblin allies. In doing so, he attracted the attention of his grandfather’s merchant army, who wanted his blood in revenge for the ravaging of his mother by his Orcish Father. Most slaves in the past have given in with hopes of swift justice to follow, except for a solitary ex-slave blacksmith in the Fangwood—the same one who would come to adopt Zivim as his own and sponsor his membership into a mercenary corp. Zivim defied the merchant army to defended his would be adoptive father’s home. He proceeded to take out every thief-catcher and assassin sent after him. Taking this as a sign of weakness, the other merchants in the Molthune slave trade made quick work of his Grandfather’s merchant enterprises . It was around this time that the local mercenary recruiters approached Zivim and offered to train him in the ways of war. Zivim accepted. There was too much for one man to learn through training alone, so Zivim accepted an offer of adventure from Brevoy to the east, to remove any interlopers and establish a new city-state.

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General Zivim "Shackle-Render" Melago

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