Tinassa Medvyed

The Greenbelt Company's resident arcanist.


Personality and Background

Tinassa is generally warm and friendly, though she lacks a strong filter, and her disposition can change quickly.

She suffers delusions of grandeur, believing herself to be the daughter of the goddess Calistria. Her sense of entitlement is further exacerbated by her (less delusional) belief that she is also noble by birth. She’s become accustomed to people not treating her with the respect and awe she believes she is due, but sometimes it rankles.

Tinassa has odd tastes and is not bothered by blood and gore in the least, but is not violent by nature.


Tinassa looks young and has pale green eyes that usually reflect either a vacant, dreamy expression or fierce, intelligent awareness.

She wears her dark hair long and partially braided, and adorns it with feather and bits of dried herbs. It gets rather unkempt on longer expeditions, but she takes decent care of it otherwise.

She wears a thin leather corset-like top, well-tailored but also well-worn and weather-stained. A leather cord loops across her chest, shoulder and back, and attached to it is a green cotton sack with unraveling embroidery and a boxy leather satchel with ivory fastenings.

Her brown silk skirt sits low on her hips and flows to her knees; the hem is a bit tattered.

While her style is immodest, she doesn’t make much effort to enhance her feminine charms — either because she doesn’t care to, or because she assumes everyone wants her regardless. Usually, her arms, shoulders, midriff and feet are all bare, though she does keep a light wool cloak and a pair thick leather sandals among her gear.

Across her back she also carries a longspear that’s taller than she is. A wrist sheath holds her dagger.

Tinassa Medvyed

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