Khelgar Hammerfall


Khelgar Hammerfall is part of the 4th generation of his clan to live on the surface after their homeland was destroyed by a volcano, formed at the finale of a major drow ritual.

Khelgar’s father took up work as regular work as a mercenary in one of the northern human kingdoms, and eventually was knighted. Khelgar followed in his father’s footsteps, and after many campaigns became a company commander.

He lost his commission for refusing to march his company for the visiting Prince of Cymru, in protest to that kingdom’s handling of the famine of ’68. The crown had raised taxes exponentially on farmers and the merchant-caste during the worst wheat blight in decades, in order to raise money for war with a neighboring kingdom that owned a valuable diamond mine.

Jailed for his crime, Khelgar was released and pardoned a year later, conscripted to participate in the defense of outlying villages from increased troll attacks. Exiled following the campaign, Khelgar became a mercenary, travelling neighboring kingdoms and spending most of his money on women and alcohol. Inevitably, he would be cast out once his host town could take no more of his pattern of excessive drinking followed by barfights.

Khelgar met Doran Thunderbeard in one such city, and the two became great friends after Doran intervened one night when a large group of adventurers took offense to Khelgar’s drunken slurs at the party wizard, an elf female. Doran calmed the group down, and put up Khelgar for the night in his inn. In short time, Doran had converted his new friend to the faith of Cayden Cailean, the “Accidental God”, former mercenary, god of Freedom, Drink, Adventure and Bravery. Khelgar saw himself his new deity, and joined as Doran’s student in Silverhall, having kicked his violent binge drinking. Khelgar left after his training, intent on spreading the good word of the Drunken Hero while working on short mercenary contracts for outlying villages.

Khelgar recently became reunited with his old friend, when Doran contacted him with a sending ritual looking for Khelgar to fill the position of Councilor for Brevoy. It is Khelgar’s role to represent Brevoy’s citizens, a task he takes seriously. Khelgar is short-tempered with nobles, and is naturally distrustful of them. His main goals as Councilor are to shield the people from excessive taxation, and to avoid bringing war to Brevoy.

Khelgar has recently converted to the faith of Hanseath, the dwarven deity of War, Carousing and Alcohol (which perfectly describe Khelgar in 3 words). Despite his conversion, he remains great friends with Doran.

Khelgar Hammerfall

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