Doran Thunderbeard

Lost, dwarvenly handsome dwarf.


     Doran has lived in Brevoy for many years, tending to various duties in Cayden Cailean’s small temple in Eagle’s Watch. Most of the work was somewhat boring, though. Doran had not joined expecting a life of holy adventures, but he did begin to believe that the followers of Cayden Cailean should be more risk-taking and spread out. He felt it odd that his followers would be so clustered and uninterested in journeying out from the safety of the city. Did Cayden Cailean contemplate his safety when he attempted the Test of the Starstone? No! Of course, he may not have been in his most right mind, but that mattered little. Doran was ready to get out and spread the word of the freedom that is Cayden Cailean.

     Doran set off south, first traveling through Highdelve and then Grayhaven and eventually settling in Silverhall. There, Doran began to build his own temple to Cayden Cailean, after securing permission from the local regent. Doran tapped into his innate stoneworking capabilities as used by his ancestor, Leonardo Thunderbeard. Leonardo, known as Nardo to his peers and admirers, had been a famous dwarven sculptor. While carving rock into fine art was slightly different than hewing giant blocks out of stone, Doran managed to capture a sort of haunting quality about his work. Many of the villagers (mostly peasants) joined him as well, as they agreed to the notion that no man should be controlled by an impersonal authority figure. Soon, the small temple had been constructed and Doran took it upon himself to ordain some of the villagers as priests for the temple. He felt, though, a tug on his soul as he began to settle into the temple as its head cleric. It would seem Cayden was not through with him yet.

     Doran continued south, and across Lake Reykal to New Stetven. At first, the capital seemed like a prime location for another temple to Cayden Cailean, but the bureaucratic process for getting permissions to construct were so cumbersome, that Doran stopped on principal. There was no way Cayden would have approved of such a mire of politics. New Stetven could benefit from Cayden’s teachings, but Doran would not be the one to deliver it. So, Doran left the city and began traveling southeast to Restov. From what Doran had heard of the people there, they would greatly appreciate the independent message of Cayden Cailean.

     During this time, Doran had perfected his manipulation of water (both conjuring it at will and turning it into all kinds of fine beer and wine, and he was more than willing to imbibe of his own drink. After leaving a small trading post, he continued his journey toward Restov. Unfortunately, all that imbibing caused him to veer heavily off course and he ended up in a thicket. With a scratch on the head, Doran sat down and decided to rest. He was weary. He passed out shortly thereafter and was awoken when a rather rude boar had begun nibbling on his leg.

Doran Thunderbeard

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