The Greenbelt Company

The Bournelock Supremacy

Dancer's Lament

QUAIL once again hunts for the Troll King and his felonious malcontent compatriots. In the dead of night the journey takes a turn for the worse; when a dark servant of the Troll army swoops in to devour our heroes.

While on watch Dancer suspects an attack but is assaulted before he could completely rouse the camp. QUAIL surrounded the dark beast in an attempt to free Dancer from it’s hellish bite. After the Wyvren was finally brought down by the combined might that QUAIL has to offer; Dancer was in serious need of divine attention. Working tirelessly QUAIL was unable to revive Dancer from the vicious sting of the Troll King’s Foul Pet.

Lament! Barony of Brenin, Marshall Edward Bournelock has died for your freedom. Lament!


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