The Greenbelt Company

The Booty Bounty

Brennin gets Donkey-Punched

With the Dancer dead, buried, and mourned. QUAIL and the kingdom of their responsibility must take center stage again. Archbanker A. Grinch arrives to work his Half-Orc Clerical Jew-Jew on the Barony. Swordlord’s show up to measure cocks against QUAIL to reinforce the issue of the wayward ‘princess’. Tinassa ‘retires’ to the countryside for dereliction of doodie. The royal messenger needs to pay his tab. Oh, and QUAIL gets an old friend back!

Wadget gonna do about that? Sit back relax and enjoy as we see some Ninja Pussy, skills, in action soon on the next episode.


tarventis Sweb187

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