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Beron's Barely-Legible Scribblings: Day 13

What will I get eaten by this time?

We healed up from our exertions from the spiders for most of the days prior, so today was our first back on the trails. We went back to the site of the slaughter and slowly explored the rest of the area, finding nothing of any note. Ah well, they can’t all have ancient trinkets, can they?

After bickering over the map for nearly half the day, we ventured west-southwest (ahem), transitioning onto more hilly terrain. We stumbled across some caves, whereupon Dancer noticed a gold vein! Immediately my more avaricious side began to whisper sweet things. I named it Snotting Hill, because duh. Ow! Its official name, I have just been told, however, will be Higgen Crag Mine.

We made camp for the night, nestled in between rivulets of solid gold. I don’t think I’ve ever slept better.

The following morning, we knew it was time to confront the bandits head-on. We scouted the eastern half of the river, based on some old info we had come across in town. Stumbling across tracks led us to our first clue! Dancer saw horse tracks, suggesting an often-used trail north to Oleg’s!

Along this trail, we scouted and encountered a group of bandits. We dispatched all 7 of them easily, while incapacitating the one who seemed to be leading the group. We swiftly tried to patch up those we could, but we only kept one bandit alive. Zivim cackled almost as well as Tinassa. Chilled me right to the bones.

The camp leader nearby is called Kressel…the name rings a bell. A hard bandit lord, she moves frequently, robs travelers and sometimes more permanent establishments. Like to keep things up close and personal. Our captives estimated 8 people left in the camp.

Apparently there’s a for downstream, near the lake. In the fort resides the Stag Lord. High walls. Half a dozen people.

TWe found two vials of alchemist’s fire on the remaining bandits…remains. We took stock and discussed the plans for taking the camp tomorrow.

Short story we razed the bandit camp. Found a bunch of loot totaling 351 g, 3s, 8c each. Will fill out later.


wow these got a lot more detailed


Amazing how that works when I type them up as we go, huh? I’m a fan of doing it as we go, or at least as we take rests in-game

tarventis tarventis

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