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Barony of Brenin Celebrates Its One Month Anniversery

  • The party tracks down and slays the dire boar Tuskgutter. It was butchered and its head was taken as a trophy. Gloves of Launching were found in the beast’s den.
  • Worg tracks were discovered on the trek back to Oleg’s. The party camped at the Gold Mine overnight and wolf howls are heard in the indeterminate distance. The night passes uneventfully, but the party finds itself 100 lbs lighter on boar meat than they were the previous morning.
  • The party returns to Oleg’s. The Wanted – Tuskgutter quest is completed. The Dancer trains his horse.
  • There’s a nasty windstorm. The party helps Oleg batten down the hatches.
  • An outrider for the settler caravan arrives. The Dancer and Tinassa accompany when he returns to the caravan. The Dancer helps tighten up the watch and patrols. Tinassa begins putting out feelers for someone to fill the position of Magister. Meanwhile, Zivim and Beron prepare a party for the caravan.
  • Tinassa and Beron continue searching for candidates to fill empty cabinet posts. They meet…
    • Azmus – an old scholar interested in getting a firsthand, close-up view of the beginning of a new kingdom. Level 2 Expert, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13.
    • Isabelle d’Oliva – Nicely dressed redhead with vague plans. Cha 16.
    • Meryl Goedwig – Flightly elven alchemist. Int 19.
  • Leadership positions for the Barony of Brenin are established.
Position Name Bonus Kingdom Attribute
Ruler Beron Dook +3 Stability (floating)
Councilor Svetlana +2 Loyalty
General General Zivim “Shackle-Render” Melago +4 Stability
Grand Diplomat Isabelle d’Oliva +3 Stability
High Priest Doran Thunderbeard +2 Stability
Magister Meryl Goedwig +4 Economy
Marshal Edward “Dancer” Bournelock +5 Economy
Royal Assassin Vacant
Spymaster Tinassa Medvyed +6 Economy (floating)
Treasurer Oleg +2 Economy
Warden Akiros Jsmort +3 Loyalty
  • Oleg’s Trading Post and immediate surrounding environs are claimed for the Barony of Brenin. The kingdom is Neutral Good (+2 Loyalty, +2 Stability)
  • City of Leviton is founded around Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • Oleg’s Trading Post is incorporated into the city as Stable and House (Base value +500, +1 Economy, +1 Stability)
  • Bulberry Smith established in Leviton (+1 Economy, +1 Stability)
  • No edicts are issued for the month (net -1 Stability)
  • The Barony generates 4 BP worth of income for the month (total now stands at 47 BP).

Territory Vital Statistics

Size: 1
Consumption: 2
Command DC: 11
Unrest: 0
BP: 47
Economy: 17
Loyalty: 7
Stability: 15
Population: 500
Cities: 1
Leviton Base Value: 700


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